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My day at the 'Knackered Florist Retreat'

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Back in October, I spent the most beautiful day up at the stunning surroundings of @middletonlodge in North Yorkshire.

It was a fabulous gathering of florists, growers, photographers, and other nature lovers. The perfect excuse to get together after a very busy year of weddings and other work.

My lovely fellow florist friend Claire and I traveled up to Middleton Tyas together and were greeted by Sarah from @simplybyarrangement who along with @lucytheflowerhunter had arranged the meet up. Sarah runs floral workshops from her home town of Hebden Bridge, as well as other collaborations all over the UK. Lucy is a worldwide floral stylist and produces the most beautiful visual story telling with flowers. They were also joined by @eva_nemeth Eva is a fabulous photographer, and captured the day perfectly in these stunning images amazingly.

We had chance to wonder round the glorious garden and chat to the gardeners and test their knowledge of plant names, as well as testing out our own photographic skills on the autumnal flora.

We then headed indoors to have a play with the abundant array of locally grown flowers and foliages lovingly grown and nurtured by @carolsiddorn and @yorkshireflowerpatch to make our very own foam free bowl arrangement. Mine was pretty crazy as always, but why not go a little wild.

We had a totally delicious lunch and had chance to chat to lots of new faces as well as meet social media buddies that we'd been following for years but never had the chance to meet till then.

We chose the best spots to capture the light with our floral designs and once more tested our camera skills, drank coffee and then said our goodbyes to all our new friends.

Knackered Florists we were no more xxxx

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